What our graduates say...

Finally happy with my bed and bedside table styling! After learning about lines, I went out and bought some for the bedroom. I never would have done that before 😍 Thanks Three Birds!
Maddy Williams

Yes, Mind Blown! Im an Interior designer and never have i ever had the colour wheel explained to me how Lana explained it! What an absolute game changer!! 😁👏
– Kylie Crawford

Loving the Styling School and everything I'm learning. My vision board is the name of our home - Tall Trees - but my look is coastal contemporary. We're doing a major renovation that starts end February so I wanted to be equipped and inspired to make the right styling decisions when the time comes. I'm lucky I'll have a fresh canvas to work from come October! I've definitely learned so much about colour, lines and selecting the 'perfect white' which will be invaluable - thanks Three Birds Team
– Nicole Mathers Waudby

I really just wanted to say what a fantastic course this is and how amazingly helpful and supportive all the advice and comments are in the fb group. I currently live Overseas and won't be back in my house for at least another 12 months so my styling project is waiting for my return. I am so excited and just wanted to say thank you to the Three Birds team and all the members of this group for the Inspo and Knowledge that is being so generously shared. I am finding my creative side is starting to bloom thanks to all of the contributors on the page. I just love looking at the gorgeous vision boards that come up daily. I am still working on mine as its taken ages to refine my style but pretty sure I have narrowed it down at last. Time to put it together. 😍
– Robyn Holland

Styling and Reno school have been amazing in unlocking my creative and getting really clear on what I want. Thank you three birds. You are incredible.
– Kristen Lovett

Thank you Three Birds! You are dead set legends. 👊 I have been going around in circles for soo long, and even module 1 has me feeling on track. Just finished up my vision board and safe to say I am so eager for module 2! 🎉
– Jessica Meg

What a rewarding learning experience thank you to the three bird’s and it’s only module 1. My main reason when deciding to join this school was I had got stuck in my styling, that I had got half way through and didn’t know how to finish the finer points. I feel creating these vision boards is a game changer, keeping me on track with styling to create that cohesive and polished look.
– Victoria Bennett

I am absolutely loving my Three Birds journey and am finding that it is nothing short of extraordinary how it is helping refine and develop my ideas for our home. Thank you STYLING SCHOOL - THREE BIRDS xxx
– Karina Groth

Thank you Three Birds Styling School for offering this course. I am really enjoying seeing so much creativity from everyone and doing something I’ve always wanted to do. Really looking forward to next module.
– Chrissie Connell

Dear Three Birds Team I have been implementing everything I have learnt in the course in preparation for our home inspection by the bank to refinance to buy an investment property: the valuation exceeded my expectations. Beyond the highest target I had set!!! And I KNOW that apart from the actual reno, all that styling, the feelings I created, and those freakn lovely cushions (!) helped me get there and beyond. THANK YOU. I can’t wait to see the magic at Reno school.
– Elisabetta Scarabelli

I’m still working through module 4 but I’m so excited to implement what I’ve learned, one corner at a time 😂
– Jayne Morris

I really loved learning about how you want to feel in a space. So I have been focusing on that rather than what could look good
– Maddy Williams

Congratulations on your online styling school launch, I absolutely loved the course and would recommend it to anyone interested in styling. It gave me the knowledge and the confidence to produce the look I was striving for. I loved the styling school so much I would love to book into reno school too please.
– Trina Steel

Just finished my home office. From concept board to reality and I couldn’t be happier!
– Terese Lavan-Fields

I had a lot of fun restyling my 11 year old son’s room today. Loved Lana Taylor’s video on how to style a bed in a master bedroom in module 4, so many great tips on layering
– Emma Jessiman

HI legends...... I am a little late to the party. So inspired by everyones vision board, THAT much talent in the group!! I've finally finished my #visionboard so I thought I'd share it. We are moving on to our 8 acre farm end of March. This farm is a lifelong dream and there will be room for our 2 x 🐴, 2 x 🐶 & 2 x 🐱
– Dan Meenks

I can’t tell you how much I have loved your course and the joy it has brought me as a stay at home/homeschooling mom who rarely makes any time for myself!
– Erin Southwell

I have just completed the styling school which I have absolutely loved. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing course. It’s literally been a lifesaver for me over in the Uk and in lockdown. It has given me something to get up and get excited about. You guys have such a great happy energy it comes through and gives me a pick me up.
– Carly Batchelor

Thank you so much you gorgeous Birds! I have logged in and I just want to say it has been a real pleasure following along on your journey since the very start. The information from the first ever “Reno School” still delights me to this day and I even printed the whole thing off so I could have hard copies to refer to (yes, I am old school :P) I also signed up for the recent Styling School and that too is incredible content. I truly love what you all do and I thank you from the bottom of my heart from you open and honest sharing.
– Dee Pease

I am so grateful to find Three Birds Renovations, it's been quite literally - life-changing. I have completed Styling School and loved it, I'm seeing everything in a different light and love it. I have just signed up for Reno School.
– Michelle Anderson

I’m onto the last module. Watching only the going back and doing the vision board etc. I’ve absolutely loved this course. The 3 birds are amazing I feel like I know them! Thank you to this group.
– Michelle Pascoe

It’s the little things that make a huge difference! ✨ My left photo was pre styling course when I thought I had a clear idea of what I wanted. After I finished the styling course I reflected on my vision board and realised what changes I needed to make. Layers, texture, balance and light added to my Master bedroom thanks to the Three Birds Team!
– Sharni Gillson

Hi girls, I finished my first styling job and I couldn’t be happier! I just loved the whole process and the client is very happy with the results!! Thank you Three Birds Team for sharing all you knowledge with us
– Ana Claudia Brandt

A strong 5/5. Honestly if I could rate it higher I would. This course has been so beneficial and has really guided me through my styling journey. I was surprised by just how much content was covered in this course and by how much support we were given. Even now that I have finished the course, I am still learning so much through the Facebook group. I think the three birds course will be something that I’ll continually learn from and be connected with. Thank you three birds team!
– Jessica Meg

5/5 I am so happy I signed up for the Styling School! I’ve found all of the content so useful in changing up things in my home. It was very easy to follow and I love that I can refer back to it all again and again.
– Rhiannon Smyth

I would rate the Styling School 5 Stars. I found the structure and flow of the course was so logical and easy to follow. Overall a very well designed online course. So many highlights but for me the most important lesson has been how to create "your Vision" and essentially, "how to stay on track". I found the fundamentals for designing a coherent space were covered so well in the early part of the course and the simplicity of the content delivery made it all seem easy. Three birds courses are the best and excellent value for money.
– Robyn Holland

I would rate the Styling School 5/5. The video content is interesting, informative and easy to follow. Life can be busy, so being able to watch the content in my own time and not having to feel like 'I am behind' is fantastic! I would highly recommend giving the Styling School Course a go, you will be so glad you did.
– Dan Meenks

Loved loved loved. There was a lot I already knew but there was also a lot I didn't know. It's all about giving you the confidence to define your own feel and style to suit your house and lifestyle. Highly recommend this course to anybody who wants to give their home a bit of juzz.
– Caroline Southwell

I loved the Styling School! Super informative and full of practical advice. The course is loaded with content and is great bang for your buck!💰 Highly recommend 🥰🥰
– Maggie White

I absolutely loved Three Birds Styling School and highly recommend it! The course was jam packed with easy to follow styling gems and I learned so much. My home is gradually transforming into a place better than I ever thought possible because of it! Thank you for showing me how! 🤩🏡
– Catherine Crichton

These chicks know their stuff and not just that, they make it bloody good fun too. Such complementary skill sets and clearly wonderful friends. It’s a joy to be let into their world. I’m a designer and always like to stay on top of my game. I’ve completed both The Three Birds courses and would recommend them in a heart beat. I particularly loved the Styling School. Such practical, informative and clear guidelines to follow for novices and wonderful revision for us professionals. I take my hat off to fellow business women. It makes me want to fist pump the air when us girls are rocking it and that’s exactly what they’re doing... Fan for life! Xxx
– Jenny O'Brien

This course is a must for anyone renovating or starting a new build. Just the information you receive on how to use colours, the mind blowing area of what "white paint" to use and just the confidence they provide you with that you CAN do it yourself. Highly recommend this course, it was a game changer for me. Thank you Three Birds xx🤩😍
– Sonya Baker

BEST. COURSE. EVER! If you have ever looked at the ads for styling school and thought maybe - don’t think again! Do it! I’m so glad I surprised myself with this for Christmas last year! 🤣 Everything about the course is AMAZING. The Three Birds are so knowledgeable and I love how they are so down to earth and funny! The lessons are easy to follow and there is so many great and simple ideas for any level. I have walked away feeling that I can style anything! Definitely recommend! If I could rate higher than a 5 I would 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
– Lorna McGowan

The BEST fun and informative course I have attended! Felt like I was learning and making friends at the same time. An eye opener in the course is that you don’t have to play it safe if you want to add colour, do it, it’s your home, an expression of you. It’s not a show room to impress others.. and no, there is never too much white!
– Danni Humrich

I highly recommend the Three Birds styling school course. I’m blown away by the depth of material covered and all the extra tools provided as part of the course. I’ve already started making my home styling more cohesive and I’m being asked by friends for advice. A great investment!
– Eilish Richardson

An amazing online school delivered at your convenience (hop on when you have the time), tips, tools & advice freely shared (by 3 passionate experts who have done it time & again from the ground up) and oh...it’s yours to hop back into anytime down the road, to get re-inspired and perhaps learn even more as these 3 gorgeous souls share new content. A beautiful community to be apart of as well..
– Tricia Gillespie

Who knew I had creativity and a flare for interior design? Three Birds Renovations did! With easy to follow lessons and tasks, great design tips and information, and lifetime access whenever I want, the styling school was the most enjoyable and satisfying course I've done in ages.
– Samantha Connor

I absolutely loved Styling School! The videos and modules are so informative, in-depth and, of course, beautifully designed. I’ve always thought my home style was ‘Hamptons’ and that was final, however the more I got through the course, I realized my style has evolved and whilst it still has touches of Hamptons, it’s so much more layered than that! The Facebook group is an invaluable resource and I love that the Birds jump in and answer questions when they can. The community and content that Three Birds have created inspired me to do Reno School (which is also amazing if you’re wondering!). Can’t recommend Styling School enough!!
– Jess Seacombe

The three birds styling course is out of this world! I always thought I had a great eye for design (I did) ... and now I feel like a design guru after all the tips and tricks I learned! I’ve been able to upgrade a number of my spaces with little to no money as we await a larger renovation and I am SO EXCITED to do our larger reno because my vision now is so clear thanks to this course! I was so pleased with style school I didn’t even hesitate to sign up for Reno school right after since it was a no brainer given everything I learned in style school! I feel so confident and more importantly so EXCITED and not overwhelmed with design choices any more! It also makes shopping wayyyy easier because I’m clear on what I want and exactly what I need so I can’t even imagine how many hours I have saved in Homesense by having a clear vision and then coming home and everything works perfectly! These ladies are the real deal and their courses are worth every penny! Thank your birds!! 💗
– Genevieve Borys

The Styling School was brilliant! It definitely changed my way of thinking about styling . I can definitely recommend this.
– Engela Stals

The Styling course is amazing 🙂 I would recommend it to all interior lovers.
– Rabea Kuhn

I’ve really enjoyed the course. Being an older retired nanna student, I’ve struggled with the logistics of the computer, but that’s my fault. I’m busy enjoying grandkids and travelling (usually). Lack of travel made me think I should do something for me, hence the course! I love the look three birds portray but I also question some logistics. Eg. A young family with small children and a white sofa? Good luck! I’ve enjoyed challenging myself and “finding my style”, which I already had, but it didn’t have a name. I’ll keep my new found knowledge with me when making any purchases nowadays. This course has been fabulous for not only Giving me knowledge, but also confidence to follow my own path.
– Kim Brown

I recently enrolled in the Three Birds Renovations Styling School. I rarely spend money on myself and was initially concerned about the cost but took the plunge anyway. I am thrilled to report I enjoyed the course immensely, applying the knowledge I learnt to my own home that I am now trying to find a way to do this (styling) for a living. As a meticulously tidy person I wasn’t sure I would learn anything from this course but I now understand styling is more than just keeping things tidy and buying some pretty flowers - it’s much more. If you’ve thought about doing this course so much so that you’re reading the reviews I strongly encourage you to enrol; you’ll love it.
– Tamara Speedie

I’ve been procrastinating for years about the finishing touches to my home. The Three Birds Styling School helped me to explore my vision and have a focus to work towards. The content is fabulous and the girls have a fantastic way of taking you through the design process! Take the course, you won’t be sorry.
– Karen Cunningham

I recently completed the Three Birds Styling School. Couldn’t recommend it more! I love that the course is done so that you learn more about your own personal style, whatever that may be. Only downside is that it leaves you wanting to re-style your entire home. 😂
– Snadra Lendvaj

I had both course done with the birds and it was game change when I was decorating and doing some small DIY Reno’s. I cannot recommend enough! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
– Daise Fernandes

If you want a magazine ready home/office/work space/play space you should do the Three Birds Styling School. It’s so much fun! Full of practical tips and inspirational information and resource. Absolutely loved doing the course and still love being part of the Facebook group. Get on board with these barefoot beauties!
– Biance Buchanan

I'm still working my way through the Styling School course and so far, it's fantastic. I love how I can do it in my own time and keep coming back to refer to it. There are some great tips like heights of items and drawing the eye up. Also using lines and patterns to make your home look more formal or casual. So much great advice. I'm almost done and feel I've got so much out of this course. Thank you Three Birds!
– Sejal McDougall

Love the styling school course. Full of fabulous information. The colour wheel section was so well explained and has given me a lot more confidence when it comes to putting together colour schemes!!
– Nicole McCann

I have just completed Three Birds Styling school and couldn’t recommend more highly this wonderful easy to follow and concise course. I absolutely loved it and looked forward to the next module arriving ever week. Styling school gave me the knowledge and confidence to achieve any look or style I wanted to attain. I loved it so much I’ve just joined up for the next Reno school. Thank-you Three Birds :))
– Trina Steele

Hey everyone! This is my finished kitchen ✨ The reno school and styling school has been invaluable to help me create my dream home. I live in England! I do feel like something is missing though. Are there any accessories etc that you would add or change for the final touches please? Insta: @theseasidehome __ A lot of you are asking about the handles. They were from aliexpress and are super inexpensive!
– Millie Rose Homewood

I have such an appreciation for what I have learnt. I love those little touches that bring warmth into a house to make it home. The room by room vision boards allow that fine tuning and seeing just what is missing. I have little pieces now in each room to source and add that little touch. I searched high & low for white silk poppies to match my beautiful print. I am so excited they were delivered yesterday. Something so simple but this is the ultimate feeling 🙌🏼 thankyou
– Belinda Beresford

Just wanted to let you ladies know I sold my house on the weekend for $685K over reserve with 7 bidders 2 from USA 1 from interstate the comments in the 100 plus people in the crowd was wow she's had a great stylist come in and do her home. People were actually taking photos of the inside of the house. All done on a cheap budget for selling. Thank you ladies for the extra knowledge that I have gained from your course well worth the monies. Finally to the beach in Bribie Island Qld to start my new project and finally get my vision boards happening with the 100’s of pictures i've saved.
– Caroline Southwell

Yes! I have spent so much time, $$$$ and anxious energy in the past buying what I thought I wanted but it just didn't quite give me the feels. Now, 💥💥💥 no more wasted time or $$$ and I am having so much fun instead of overwhelm! 😊
– Belinda Christian

I did both classes! I did Styling School first, then I did Reno School. I learned so much from both and from what you described, Styling School is the one for you! Additionally, I enjoyed all the videos that are part of Styling School. I felt like the Three Birds were talking and advising directly to me!
– Jennifer Stader

I’ve done both and they are both fabulous if you are renovating the Reno school is definitely the way to go. However you still need the styling school once you’ve renovated to make your house look amazing!!
– Helen Telfer

I would rate the course a 6 out of 5 if I could! 🤣 I found every module of styling school easy to follow and full of all the information I hoped it would have. I now realise where I was making mistakes and how small changes can make a massive impact. Would 100% recommend it to anyone, Thanks Birds you’re awesome!! ❤️
– Carly Warner-Batchelor

Styling School is a big 5/5 from me. I loved the video explanations the most, it really felt like you were having a one on one with the birds. I have always been creative but hopeless with styling my home, the course gives you step by step instructions and just lets you see things in a different light. And the secret FB group!? Omg so many helpful ideas if you are stuck with anything. Absolutely loved it all.
– Michelle Anderson

Styling School - 5 Stars I absolutely loved the course! It helped me to narrow down all of the creative ideas bouncing around my head into a cohesive design plan that I am truly excited about implementing! The videos were professional, motivating and like hanging out with my girlfriends! I hope someday there will be a Part 2 to the class.
– Erin Southwell

It’s difficult to know where to start on talking about my experience with Styling School and Reno School. The content is relevant, easy to follow and invaluable as you navigate a styling project. There is a reason the images of three birds projects draw you in, it’s all in the theory of styling and the mood it creates for a room. You too can have a magazine worthy living room in 6 short weeks. Then there is the incredible sisterhood that is the styling school Facebook group. ‘I’m looking for this, where do I go?’ ‘Is this my style?’ ‘I need a tradey’ ‘my husband has no style - help’ the support and advice given through the page not only from other participants but the birds themselves is what makes this course so unique. You have access to designers and successful stylers at your fingertips. And the discounts, shut the front door .. or on second thoughts- open it wide for all you will bring through it with heafty three birds discounts. I have loved this experience and I cannot wait for my build to be completed so I can style, fluff, colour board and karate chop the life out of cushions because that my friends will make my house a beautiful home. Would I recommend three birds styling school - that’s a hell yes !!!
– Kristen Lovett

5 out of 5 Delivered in a fantastic way - easy to follow, understand and enjoyable - joined all the dots for me to design a completed, beautiful home which I couldn't have achieved without this course - great example's to follow up with what is being taught - has changed my life in such a positive way in how I feel( relaxed, joy, happy, calmed) at home and even my family who have all commented it is a joy to live in. - being part of a group, enjoying the journey and helping each other out is very heart fulfilling - understanding colour in interior design has been a big game changer Have thoroughly enjoyed the course and so very glad I did it before my kitchen reno🤭
– Victoria Bennett

After completing Reno School last year, I am now doing Style School, it is excellent! My daughters and I are having fun with our vision boards. I have completed overall house vision and the Master Suite. My very talented 13 year old daughter Mali has found her style and completed her bedroom vision board with no help from me! So glad I have all this knowledge with me to tackle this knockdown / rebuild! Let the fun begin 😀 Can't wait to knock this house down and see the view from my new home! I'm on Instagram as foreverlivingdesign. This page will see me video and post photos and content on our journey of building our forever living home and I will be transparent with learnings, tips and costings from an owner builder perspective. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. https://www.instagram.com/invites/contact/... #visionboard #sparklebythelake If you have a reno insta page, let me know in comments so I can follow you also.
– Melissa Tinworth

Hey, I’ve done the styling school. It is fantastic! Can’t recommend it enough. I’ve learnt so much and it’s helped me replan my reno, to make sure furniture and everything with fit perfectly. So glad I’ve done both courses.
– Kate Stibbard

Styling School was one of the best courses I've ever done. You just can't unlearn this stuff as the three birds guide you through each module. Such goof ground work and tips to style any house
– Cheryl McMillan

Would love to say a big thank you to Three Birds Team, I learnt so much through your styling school and here is my dining room finished. Many more rooms to come as we just received the keys to our new home.
– Kylie Hadid

I am one happy girl! I did it! I open my beauty salon! Thanks to the three clever birds. This course has helped me immensely. So thank you ladies!!
– Lan Cox

Thank you styling school - I couldn’t have done this without you
– Kirsty Munro

I’m so excited to finally be starting something I said yes too. Interior design & home decorating have been a passion of mine for a long time and to be able learn about styling & the principals behind it from 3 amazing women is something I’m grateful for. Over the years I’ve helped friends style & decorate their homes not as a job just to love doing what I love. The best thing about the course is that there is no pressure to do assignments etc This year has been shitty for everyone. Four weeks ago I was diagnosed with Metastatic liver cancer with metastatic lymph nodes, my life has been turned upside down and mind crazy. My gorgeous friend has also signed up with me & we can have some fun together doing it. Thank you Three Birds Renovating for running such an awesome course ! So looking forward to starting in January & having it as a great distraction to what is going on around me ! Paula xx
– Paula Collinson

I am currently about halfway through Module 3 and absolutely loving it 😍 The course has totally exceeded any expectations that I had, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Thank you so much for creating it 👏
– Jayne Tovey